A Great Laser Tattoo Fade and Cover up to come!

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To Fade or Remove? …

Following on from my last blog post about Fading and Removal, here’s a great story I wanted to share with you all.

We recently had a great client at the Clinic – I’ll call him Leonidas (think Gerard Butler in ‘300’ – Great abs, big chest, trim beard – no accent) who answered the question To Fade or Remove? simply and directly – REMOVE IT!

Leonidas came to us with a huge tattoo on his left pectoral plate. A massive tattoo on a massive chest – I told you, think Spartans, shields, swords.

The plan was to remove the tattoo entirely as Leonidas was tired of it, despite having numerous other pieces of art on his body.

Leonidas's original new tattoo

Leonidas’s original new tattoo

So we set to work laser treating this massive tattoo. As Gerard Butler said in the movie “Choose your next words carefully”. OUR Leonidas told me to “Choose my settings carefully” and so I did, calibrating the laser to maximise removal and minimise discomfort.

Over the space of three visits Leonidas saw such a fading in his tattoo that he reconsidered his decision. Watching the vanishing ink, he now felt that another tattoo should take its place rather than revert to bare, blank skin.

First Laser Treatment

Leonidas's first laser treatment

Leonidas’s first laser treatment

Second Laser Treatment

Leonidas's second laser treatment

Leonidas’s second laser treatment

Third Laser Treatment

Leonidas's third laser treatment

Leonidas’s third laser treatment

Asking us for advice, we suggested to Leonidas he should seek out his favourite tattoo artist and begin designing the tattoo he would like to have inked in place of the tattoo being faded.

That way, by involving the tattoo artist in the process, the artist could tell us if more fading was required and if so, what parts to treat so the artwork was not compromised by what was there previously.

So our fourth treatment with Leonidas was a partial laser treating of the pectoral tattoo. The overall fading was so successful that the tattoo artist only required some of the heavier lines faded a little more so there was no interference with the new artwork.

Leonidas is allowing 12 weeks healing time after his last laser treatment to give his skin the best recovery possible before inking the new piece.

Many cover-up tattoos are not people’s first choices in body art.

They have to cover the tattoo that is already there. So compromises have to be made. But Leonidas’s decision to fade his original tattoo and then to consult and work with his tattoo artist was the best decision he could have made so the next piece of art can be perfect.

I can’t wait to see the finished piece later in the year. I’ve been promised photos which I will share with you all.

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