“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”

 Good laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. And cheap tattoo removal isn’t good!

There is a wonderful saying – You get what you pay for in this world.

Problem is nowadays that doesn’t necessarily apply properly to all things. Too many things cost way too much for what you receive and that leaves people unsatisfied and disillusioned. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for and that makes people angry. Me included.
I’m one of those people that WILL pay the price for things I want, but I MUST get what I pay for. When I’m paying for quality I expect quality. When I’m paying for service, I expect service. When I’m paying for both, then I expect both in equal measure.
When I need something done, I know that it’s expensive to employ an expert. But I also know how much MORE it costs to employ an amateur to do the same thing because you usually need to pay twice to get the job done once.
This applies for laser tattoo removal as well. What you are paying for is service – and you should expect a top quality service along with top quality results.
When looking for tattoo removal, most people turn to Google and find many businesses that offer tattoo removal. These range from cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists all the way to beauticians and health spas. Sometimes this information overload creates more questions than answers. But the question always boils down to service and results – and where to get the best results with the best service.
I believe the answer is pretty simple.
Your clinician should be fully trained and understand your needs entirely. The clinic should be hygienic and inviting. The clinic you select should have specialised laser systems specifically for tattoo removal.  The laser equipment should be state of the art. A cooling machine is a must. Full insurance cover is an absolute necessity. Being a Member of a professional association is important as is continuous learning and training.
Many people ask if laser tattoo removal is expensive.
Actually, it isn’t given that the treatment removes a tattoo that was meant to last a lifetime. Tattoos are meant to be permanent – FOR LIFE permanent. Laser tattoo removal can undo that permanence but the service and skill required to do that correctly is exactly what you are paying for. Nobody wants to replace an unwanted tattoo with a scar.
And as such, you should always demand the best. Incredible service. Incredible results.

The team at Disappear Ink

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