laser tattoo removal aftercare

Why Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare is so important

Laser tattoo Removal Aftercare is so important to a successful tattoo removal outcome.

The laser treatment starts the process. The laser smashes the ink of the tattoo into tiny micro-particles and then the body’s lymphatic system removes over the weeks between treatments.

However, with a little help, the lymphatic process can be assisted.

The best help of course is to keep the treated area out of the sun, either by covering up or applying block-out and drinking lots of water. This allows the skin to recover quickly by keeping the body hydrated.

By massaging the treated tattoo twice daily for two weeks (or more if you can) after the treatment with Bepanthan, skin recovery and the ink removal process is boosted incredibly. The massaging of the tattoo stimulates blood flow and this aids in removing the ink particles and the recovery of skin. The Bepanthan cream also moisturises the skin and protects against infection as it has antiseptic properties.

We use Bepanthan in our Clinic as an integral part of our treatment process and we recommend it highly to all our clients and to anyone considering laser tattoo removal.

Another wonderful addition to the After-Care process is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. The lymph nodes do the collection and filtering of waste material from cell fluid, while the lymph vessels return the fluid back to the general circulation. The shattered ink particles are part of that waste material, so keeping the Lymphatic System functioning at its best is a great way to help the tattoo removal process. Read more about  this at  Natural Therapy Pages

So with some simple and easy massages the tattoo removal results can be incredible.