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When most clients come to visit us for an initial consultation for laser tattoo removal, they are convinced that they want to remove their tattoo completely as that is the only way to go but fading their tattoo may be all they need.




Over the last few years we have noticed at Disappear Ink a new trend happening with more than half of our clients asking us to FADE their tattoos so they can REPLACE them with better artwork.

The huge advances in tattoo artistry has created a new artistic movement of fantastic works of body art that many of our clients want to be a part of, especially given the calibre of artists now working across Sydney and indeed Australia.

There have lots of great articles written about tattoo artists and here’s a link to some of the best tattoo artists in Australia.

Many people believe that starting laser tattoo removal means you have to fully remove a tattoo and go through with the entire process.

Actually, it doesn’t mean that at all if you are looking to replace your old ink with wonderful new ink. Usually, we can remove enough ink in three to five treatments to make your skin a great canvas for a new tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal is a fading process.

The process works with the laser shattering the ink particles in your tattoo and then your body’s own lymphatic system removes the shattered ink particles from the skin slowing fading the tattoo. Tattoos are visible in the skin because the ink particles are too big to pass through the skin. Laser Tattoo Removal works by smashing those ink particles into smaller bits that can pass through the skin, eventually fading and rendering the tattoo invisible as the ink is removed.

You can think of Laser Tattoo Removal like removing old paint. Each layer of ink has to be removed slowly. So if a new tattoo is going to take the place of an old tattoo, the secret to success is preparation – removing sufficient ink from the dermis layer of the skin so the new ink is not ‘layered’ on top of the old ink. By removing as much of the old ink as possible, the ridges and lines that are visible in a new tattoo that was simply ‘done-over-the-top’ will not happen at all and all traces of the old tattoo will become a memory.

Watch Tattoo Nightmares and you’ll see what we mean about the old tattoo still being ‘visible’ under the new one. A few laser sessions before a new tattoo will save a lot of grief and anxiety later, especially as removing TWO tattoos is more difficult than removing just one!


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