Many of our clients come to us wanting to fade their old tattoos so another piece of art can take its place.

In days gone by, before laser treatments, the only way to do a cover-up was to simply tattoo over the old tattoo and hope for the best.

Our client had a couple of attempts at covering an old tattoo with new tattoos. The result was not what the client hoped for, so they contacted us to begin the fading process to allow a new sleeve to be placed on the arm.

We used our Quanta Q Plus C 1064nm laser on the tattoo with fantastic results. The top layers of the cover-up tattoo are fading away brilliantly after two treatments revealing the original tattoo that needs more attention. We will do do another two treatments on the original tattoo to fade it down further before the cover-up.

The objective here is to soften the heavy ink lines so they become invisible under the new sleeve art. Complete removal is not required because the new sleeve piece will cover it all perfectly.

Tattoo removal is a fading process. The number of treatments depends on the outcome desired.

That’s why we offer to Fade. Remove. Repair your tattoos.

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