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Time and time again we see articles like the one in the Daily Telegraph on January 7 2019 about botched laser tattoo removals by supposed laser ‘specialist’ clinics.

It absolutely infuriates us that there are clinics out there pretending to be able to remove tattoos simply because they have a laser machine and a ‘clinician’.

There is a reason tattoo removal is a specialised process.

No two tattoos and no two people are identical.

Tattoo removal is not like hair removal.

Hair ALWAYS reacts the same way to removal treatments. It is predictable.

Tattoos DO NOT react the same way every time. Tattoos are incredibly varied because of :

  • Volume of ink in the skin
  • The types of inks used in the tattoo
  • The Colours used in the tattoo
  • The depth of the ink in the skin
  • The location of the tattoo
  • Overall age and health of the client

There is not one single checklist-type process or approach to laser tattoo removal or tattoo fading.

Each tattoo must be assessed individually by a trained and experienced laser tattoo removal clinician. Once assessed, a treatment plan is then drawn up and tested to ensure the correct results and to protect the client’s health and safety.

In Australia there are a number of specialised laser tattoo removal clinics that provide the best treatment processes possible.

The question is, how do you find them?

First, check a clinic’s results. A successful clinic will always post their actual results online. Look for progress photos, not just ‘tattoo-then-skin’ shots.

Second, check out a clinic’s reviews. The more the better!

Thirdly, ONLY use a clinic that uses a Class 4 medical grade laser for tattoo removal. Just because it says ‘L-A-S-E-R’, it doesn’t mean it is designed to remove ink.

Finally, call the clinic and speak to them. Laser Tattoo Removal is a journey and it needs care and service. You must be comfortable with your clinic of choice and clinician.

There are many clinics out there promising the world, so the best advice is to do your research online and do not ‘shop’ for a clinic on price alone. Otherwise you may replace a tattoo you don’t like with a scar that you absolutely hate.

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