Our client wanted a complete removal of his Southern Cross Tattoo, so we went to work.

We had done six laser tattoo removal treatments and here are the results. The Southern Cross has virtually completely resolved. We did a seventh treatment as our client came by to show us the results. Over the next few weeks all traces of the remaining ink will be removed by the body’s lymphatic system and the tattoo will fade away completely. So we are calling this one done and dusted.

So if you have a Southern Cross, just call us on 02 9587 8787.

We can assist you with a complete removal. Confidentiality is assured.

Bookings : https://disappearink.com.au/book-online/ 
Images : https://disappearink.com.au/laser-tattoo-removal-images/
Cost : https://disappearink.com.au/laser-tattoo-removal-cost/

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