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Diamonds are forever.

Tattoos don’t have to be!

At Disappear Ink, we understand that everyone is unique.

That uniqueness is reflected in the tattoos you choose, as well as your reasons for having them removed, faded or repaired. That’s why, when you arrive at Disappear Ink, you won’t find a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Laser Clinic.

Instead, you’ll discover a family owned and operated a team of specialist Laser Clinicians who will give your unique case the complete care and attention it deserves. Every client receives the dedicated attention of laser specialists who care about achieving the best result possible.

At Disappear Ink, we operate by a simple, but effective rule –

‘How would WE want to be treated and cared for?’

For us, the answer was simple and it’s a philosophy that lets you rest easy, knowing you’ve found a service-driven laser clinic that utilises the gold-standard of Laser Tattoo Removal systems; a clinic where professionalism, service and technology come together to create Incredible Service and Incredible Results.

We can answer all the questions you may have including ‘How much does tattoo removal cost?’ and ‘Does laser tattoo removal hurt?’ and many more.

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Most clients find laser tattoo removal treatments not overly uncomfortable or unbearable. The experience is described as the continual flicking of a rubber band onto the skin. The location of the tattoo on the body determines how much discomfort there is during the treatment. The more sensitive the skin area, the greater the discomfort level during treatment. The majority of the discomfort ends immediately at the end of the laser tattoo removal treatment.
To assist with your pain management should you require it, you’ll be offered extended pain relief with Topical Dermal Anaesthetic Cream in addition to the standard cooling method using the Zimmer Cryo6 Cold Air Device. This device is used before, during and after the process to maintain skin comfort during treatment.


Some tattoos may respond to as few as two (2) treatments but most usually require between six (6) to ten (10) treatments to be completely removed. Some multi-coloured professional tattoos with unique inks, colours and frosting techniques may require from ten (10) to fourteen (14) treatments. The total number depends on the location of the tattoo, the amount of ink in the tattoo, how deep the tattoo is in the skin, whether it was a professional or amateur tattoo, your overall health and fitness and other factors as well. Your Disappear Ink Clinician will assess your tattoo and quote the expected number of laser tattoo removal treatments. Should more treatments be required beyond the original number, these treatments will be free of charge. For us it’s all about Incredible Service and Incredible Results.


NO. Disappear Ink never charges for an initial consultation.


Really, the best time to start laser tattoo removal is when you are ready to have your tattoo faded or removed. That said, we find the best time from the comfort and easier recovery standpoint is straight after Summer has ended and you’ve put away the beach gear. That way, your treated tattoo can heal without too much sun and surf after each treatment. With enough head-start, you can be ready for next summer…

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Quanta Discovery Pico Laser

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The Quanta Discovery Pico Laser – The world’s best Pico Laser System

At Disappear Ink, we proudly use the world’s best tattoo removal laser machine: the Quanta Discovery Pico Laser System. The only true 3-wavelength laser system, the Quanta Discovery Pico has three lasers in the one unit. This allows us to effectively treat all colours in tattoos together at each treatment session using the latest Pico technology.

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