Eyebrow Tattoo Removal – YES, it’s a thing!



They are the first thing noticed in a person’s face. Eyebrows convey mood, personality and feelings immediately without a single word ever being spoken.

Love, surprise, fear, longing – all the emotions are expressed in the subtle movement or position of the eyebrows.

The search for the ‘perfect’ eyebrows is an endless search that began at the dawn of time and continues to this day!

Eyebrow Tattoos – Fashion of Fad?

From Kate Moss’ pencil thin eyebrows in the ’90s to Kim K’s glamour brows all the way to Frida Kahlo’s iconic monobrow, eyebrows have been used to define one’s fashion style to highlight and accentuate the face. Eyebrows make a statement. They display that statement proudly and show the unique personality of the person wearing those eyebrows to the world.

Kate Moss Eyebrows

Throughout history eyebrows have been groomed, brushed, plucked, painted, penciled, shaved, trimmed, edged and highlighted to create that PERFECT look. The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but eyebrows are the beautiful frames of the windows.

Eyebrows are unique and very personal.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos have been used since the time of the pyramids to highlight and improve eyebrows. And like all art forms, eyebrow tattoos have their fashion trends and fads. They also have their great artists. Unfortunately they also have their not-so-great artists and terrible fashion trends.

Plucked or shaved brows can grow back.

Pencilled and tinted brows can come back.to normal by themselves.

But tattooed eyebrows are permanent. And sometimes when the fashion trend changes, the latest tattooed eyebrows, just like that dolphin ankle tattoo, don’t look so good any more.

Finally, a choice… Eyebrow Tattoo Removal!

Eyebrow tattoos, in fact, ALL tattoos are supposed to be permanent. However, not any more.

With the advent of picosecond laser technology, such as the Quanta Discovery Pico+ Laser System, cosmetic eyebrow tattoos can be safely treated without damaging the skin or harming the hair of the eyebrows.

Unlike other laser systems, the Discovery Pico+ Laser does NO damage to the delicate hair follicles of the eyebrows, allowing them to grow naturally whilst safely removing the ink of the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal can be achieved safely with complete removals requiring between two to four treatments depending on the ink used and the volume of ink originally applied. There is very little down-time following the laser treatment and only minimal discomfort.

New Eyebrows After Two Treatments
New Eyebrows After Two Treatments
Disappear Ink Before & After
Three Treatments and ready for feathering

The best part of Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal is that after a period of around 12 weeks, the eyebrows can be once again tattooed with the latest cosmetic styles such as micro-blading or feathering or can simply be left au naturel. The choices are endless. THIS is the great thing about Laser Tattoo Removal for eyebrows, it allows choices. Eyebrow Tattoos are no longer a ‘permanent’ decision and can be successfully removed, safely and with no scarring.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Can my eyebrow tattoos her removed?

YES they can in the vast majority of cases.

Does the laser affect the eyebrow hair?

The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser does not affect the delicate eyebrow hair in any way.

How many treatments are required for an eyebrow tattoo removal?

Usually two to four treatments are required for a full removal

Can my eyebrows be re-tattooed, feathered or micro-bladed after laser removal?

ABSOLUTELY! We always recommend waiting 8-12 weeks following the final laser treatment before having the eyebrows replaced