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Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic

Sydney’s Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists is what we are and we are dedicated to always providing Incredible Service and Incredible Results to our clients!

Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic is a privately-owned and operated Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic located in the medical hub of Kogarah in Sydney, NSW.

At Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic, we believe in two simple things – Incredible Service and Incredible Results – and both go hand in hand with everything we do.

We pride ourselves on our caring, honest, clinical and understanding approach to each and every one of our clients. We are Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists. We are also Clinicians. Advisors. Perfectionists. Professionals.

Thousands of Successful Treatments!

Our proven and safe process offers a no obligation FREE Initial Consultation where we will tailor a laser tattoo removal treatment program specifically for you and your tattoo. We will provide you with a complete and honest appraisal of your tattoo and the expected results. We will also give you a firm price for each treatment that we will honour throughout your Laser Tattoo Removal journey with Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Whether you require a full removal, a fading down for a cover-up tattoo or a simple repair of a tattoo that’s not quite right, we are here to help. We are the Tattoo Removal Specialists.

At Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic, there are no hidden surprises or unbelievable claims. We are open, honest and transparent. We undertake to provide each of our clients Incredible Service and Incredible Results!

Quanta Discovery Pico Laser

The Laser System

We are Sydney’s Leading Tattoo Removal Specialists. This is why we selected the world’s best Pico Laser System for our Clinic.

The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System represents the second generation of picosecond lasers designed for Laser Tattoo Removal. With Quanta’s proprietary laser technology, the Discovery Pico+ Laser System is the most advanced and innovative medical grade laser system available in the market today for Laser Tattoo Removal.

The innovation introduced by Discovery Pico+ Laser System consists of industry-leading peak power levels delivered through ultrashort (picosecond) pulses. The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System is twice as powerful as any other Picosecond laser for medical and cosmetic applications on the market.

This precise power enhances the treatment results by increasing the efficacy on the skin with a general reduction in the average delivered energy dose compared to other laser systems. This simply means a more comfortable Laser Tattoo Removal treatment with better overall results.

The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System from Milan Italy is the ‘Ferrari of Lasers’ – High performance with brilliant results.

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