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Being a laser tattoo removal clinician is a really great conversation starter at parties. Much better than being a Banker (even if you’re with St George) and it never ceases to amaze me that people always want to know the reasons why others want their tattoos removed.

So to answer that great party question I have compiled Disappear Ink’s Top Ten Reasons why people seek Tattoo Removal for 2014. They are –

1. Oh Shit, what have I done … I don’t think this one needs ANY explanation.

2. But I only wanted a LITTLE one … Same again, no explanation needed.

3. It doesn’t look anything LIKE the picture … Amateur tattooists, impaired experts and artists of all skill levels have bad days. The problem is, when the result is a permanent tattoo on someone’s skin, a bad result can last a life-time. So that’s when we get called in to clean up the art.

4. The B!@#$% or B%^&**() walked out on me … That eternal love that was to last forever sometimes doesn’t. So we bring our expertise to clean the slate so to speak and remove the last remnants of a past forlorn love.

5. I Don’t Want Dad, Mum, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Kids or some significant other to see it … This is closely related to Number One but is usually a delayed reaction, sometimes occurring years after the tattoo.

6. That Time of My Life has passed … Everyone has a reason for getting a tattoo in the first place. Sometimes it was to mark a happy occasion, sometimes it was to mark something sad. Whatever the original reason, sometimes that reason just does not fit into a person’s life anymore. So, like a favourite T-shirt there comes a time to replace it when it wears out.

7. I Want to Improve My Career … I once had a medical student ask me if I could remove his knuckle tattoos and the skull tattoo on his forearm. I asked him why. His answer was simple – Who wants a surgeon cutting them open with a skull on his arm? So I get it now. Sometimes to improve your career opportunities your tattoos have to go. I get that despite the fact we all pride ourselves as non-judgemental.

8. How Do You Spell THERE, THEIR, THEY’RE? … To anyone considering a tattoo that contains letters, words or characters in ANY language – Please make sure that the spelling, grammar and the meanings are correct. Also check that what you are having tattoo’ed on yourself doesn’t have another meaning in another language. Just ask members of the Pajero 4WD Club!

9. I’ve just outgrown It … Many people want their early tattoos removed to make way for better quality tattoos that they can now afford. So many tattoos acquired when young were done quickly and cheaply and they just look wrong against the latest work done in a prestige tattoo parlour. Who wants a tribal tattoo next to the latest 3D masterpiece anyway? So,we come along and create a clean space for better quality work.

10. And this is my favourite reason of all – JUST BECAUSE! – No reason required – JUST BECAUSE!

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