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I can’t believe how fast the last year has flown by! It feels like I was compiling the 2014 list last week, and now here it is 2015 and I’m back reviewing cases and reasons why people undergo laser tattoo removal.

Now that laser tattoo removal is better understood and recognised, the first question I am now asked is “What’s the ugliest tattoo you’ve seen…”. Of course, being a true professional I never answer that question, so the next one asked is “Where’s the weirdest place you’ve seen a tattoo….”. I don’t usually have to a answer that question either because Google and Youtube cover the subject really well.

Realistically though, people just want to know why other people are removing their tattoos. I figure this is so they can feel better about themselves and their own decision to remove a tattoo.

So without any further ado, here is Disappear Ink’s Top Ten Reasons For Tattoo Removal 2015.

No.1 (↑No. 4LY) –  The B!@#$% or B%^&**() is out of my life forever … Diamonds are forever, that eternal love that was supposed to last forever sometimes doesn’t.

No.2 (↓No. 1LY) – Oh Shit, what have I done … I was at a party … I was drunk … It was a bit of a joke. OK, I’ve heard all the excuses before and so have you.

No.3 (=No. 3LY) – It doesn’t look anything LIKE the picture … Amateur and skilled tattooists alike have bad days. The problem is a bad result can last a life-time. So that’s when we get called in to clean up the mess.

No.4 (↓No. 2LY) – But I only wanted a LITTLE one … No explanation needed and is closely related to No.3.

No.5 (↑No. 7LY) – I Want to Improve My Career … Whoever thought the Armed Forces or Police Force had entry requirements that banned exposed tattoos? I always knew Buckingham Palace was strict, but it seems so are many other places too – and they pay REALLY WELL.

No.6 (↓No. 5LY) – I Don’t Want Dad, Mum, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband or the Kids to see it … This is closely related to No. 2 because no-one wants to explain why they got THAT tattoo in the first place.

No.7 (↑No. 9LY) – I’ve just outgrown It … Many people want their tribal tattoos or Southern Crosses removed to make way for better quality tattoos. Tattoos acquired when young were done quickly and cheaply and they just look wrong against the latest work done in a prestige tattoo parlour.

No.8 (=No. 8LY) – How Do You Spell THERE, THEIR, THEY’RE? … To anyone considering a tattoo that contains letters, words or characters in ANY language – PLEASE make sure that the spelling, grammar and the meanings are correct BEFORE ink touches skin.

No.9 (↓No. 6LY) – That Time of My Life has passed … Everyone has a reason for getting a tattoo in the first place. Whatever the original reason, sometimes that reason just does not fit into a person’s life anymore.

No.10 (=No. 10LY) – JUST BECAUSE! – No reason required – JUST BECAUSE!

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