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It was a perfect weekend again in Sydney with the extended summer still going strong. The crowds were large and the tattoo guns were going off everywhere at the 2016 Australian International Tattoo Expo held at Moore Park.

I went along with my trusty Fuji camera to see the latest trends in tattoo art and I was confronted with stands filled with artists all working away on people keen to have their bodies inked. I have to say that each year I see an increase in the levels of skill and talent and this year what blew me away was the emphasis COLOUR.

Everywhere I looked I saw colour being inked, not as shading but as bold, vibrant and loud statements of real art.

Last year I was surprised at the number of large pieces being done. This year it seemed that everyone was having huge back or chest pieces done. These large pieces are a real statement and when done well are brilliant to see.

It is a credit to the artists and their clients.

Here are some photos of the day.

Japanese Tattoo Art

Japanese Tattoo Art is very in right now and here it is being done

Japanese tattoo by hand

This is COMMITMENT to the Japanese Tattooing tradition – hand punched needles

A custom chopper

Everyone wants a chopper like this beast

colour tattoo

A new you starts with a great colourful tattoo

Asian Tattoo

A huge Asian Tattoo back piece being done

Colour Asian Tattoo

A full colour Asian Tattoo artwork well underway

Frankenstein's Monster

A brilliant colour tattoo of Frankenstein’s monster

Black and Grey tattoo

A full back piece in black and grey

colour bicep

She is SO proud of her new artwork – And she should be!

script tattoo

Large Script Work being done with precision

back piece tattoo

A reassuring hand from an artist inking a huge back piece

fish tattoo

So bright and colourful, one of the nicest fish we’ve ever seen

colourful back tattoo

A colourful back tattoo

colour forearm tattoo

A cool, colourful forearm tattoo

All this colour and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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