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Here is the BEST Full Back Tattoo Fade in our team!

Our client wanted his old ink faded down to make way for his new body suit. So we worked with him and his artist to achieve that goal. After two full treatments, we have reached our goal.

Our objective here was to remove as much of the old tattoo ink as possible. This will allow the tattoo artist to create the best possible artwork on the back. By removing as much of the old ink as possible, our client is not limited in his choices or style of artwork. It also allows the new tattoo to be free of any lines or marks ‘underneath’ from the old tattoo.

Treating a full back of this size has to be done in stages. In this case, we did three sessions per treatment on this tattoo using our Quanta Systems Q Plus C laser utilising the 1064nm laser. The sessions covered seperate sections of the back:

  • First Session – Right Hand Shoulder Blade and lats
  • Second Session – Left Hand Shoulder Blade and lats
  • Third Session – Bottom half of the back (the elephants)

We need to break up the treatment into sessions to allow the body to heal the skin completely as well as not overloading the body’s lymphatic system with released ink particles. This is particularly important with greywash / shading as it reacts extremely well to the 1064nm laser.

Since tattoo removal is a fading process  we can manage the number of treatments and sessions required to achieve the desired results.

Fade. Remove. Repair.

This is what we can do for you. Book your free initial consultation now. A year from now you’ll wish you started today!

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