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A funny thing happened to me the other day.

Sitting in the Office listening to some lounge music just chilling between clients, I received a phone call. Normal occurrence you would think in an office in this day and age?

Let me share the conversation to the best of my recollection …

Me : “Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal, Peter speaking. How can I help …”

Caller : “Mate, there are four of us and we’re pretty tanked. Wanna come up and get some small tatts done on all of us… Have you got time now?”

Me : “Sure I’ve got some time, what colour are the tattoos you want removed?”

Caller : “Huh??”

By this time I finally twigged to what was going on …

Me : “You’ve called Disappear Ink Tattoo REMOVAL Clinic. I take them off, not put them on.”

Caller : “Oh shit, sorry mate … I thought you were a tattoo parlour. Anyway, I’ve got your number in my phone now. I’ll probably be calling you in a couple of days!…. See ya.”

And with that, my wonderfully tanked caller hung-up and I was left with the phone in my hand, laughing.

All I can say is one thing …

DRINK and INK – Responsibly.

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