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Most people who have tattoos LOVE their tattoos.

Sometimes though, a tattoo no longer fits into your life so you decide it’s time to move it on. So you jump onto Google and do your research. You find our website. You then call us for laser tattoo removal. We book you in for an initial consultation. We take a history, do a skin analysis and examine your tattoo. Then we ask you THE question “What would you like us to do?

And that’s the question faced by many of our clients that they haven’t fully considered.

To Fade or Remove your tattoo?

The answer is really easy – You don’t need to answer that question right away.

Laser Tattoo Removal is a fading process. Each treatment shatters ink and the body slowly removes it fading the tattoo in the process. Tattoos don’t vanish right away. So the question doesn’t really need to be answered at the Initial Consultation or even after the first treatment.

Many times clients say to us “Oh, I want it removed… back to bare skin… blank canvas…” only to tell us later after four or five treatments they’ve found the greatest piece of tattoo art ever and they want it inked as soon as possible.

And that’s EXACTLY what Laser Tattoo Removal is about – It’s about CHOICE – The choice to remove a tattoo fully or fade it enough to have another piece of great tattoo art put in its place.

Many cover-up tattoos are not people’s first choices in tattoo art.

They have to cover what was there originally. So compromises have to be made. Sometimes really awful compromises.

What we always suggest during laser treatments is if you are considering a cover-up tattoo, consult with your tattoo artist and let them tell us how much more ink to fade or remove from your ‘old’ tattoo.

That way the next piece of art is as perfect as can be for you.

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