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Laser Tattoo Removal – Reason Number 6
 Every day I meet lots of people to discuss Laser Tattoo Removal. We meet and discuss how it works. We discuss how “NO, it doesn’t hurt as much as they say” as well as their reasons for wanting them removed.

As you can expect, I hear lots of reasons. In fact, we compile an annual list of the Top Ten Reasons For Laser Tattoo Removal.

Recently, I had a great client come in to the Clinic for a consultation.

She was a really quiet easy-going person who wanted to talk about getting her tattoo removed. She’d been thinking about it for a while and was still undecided, so she thought she would come in and have a chat with us.

We sat down and talked about the procedure and how Laser Tattoo Removal actually works. She was listening intently but she seemed to be holding something back. She looked puzzled and so I asked her if she had any questions for me.

You see…” she said to me “It simply doesn’t have any meaning for me any more. That time of my life has passed”.

That’s why I want to remove the tattoo.

She looked at me directly and I saw that she had finally answered her own question. It was right at that moment she understood WHY she wanted to remove her tattoo.

It wasn’t about ‘tattoo regret’ or ‘embarrassment’ or anything like that. It was simply that for her, that time of her life had passed and it was time to move on.


She then simply said to me, smiling broadly, “Let’s do this!” and we moved into the Treatment Room and had the first treatment.

I would really like to hear your reasons for wanting to have Laser Tattoo Removal. I would also love to know why you DON’T want to have Laser tattoo Removal. So leave me your comments below, I really want to start this conversation.


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