Our Process

How does the Laser Tattoo Removal Process work?

Laser Tattoo Removal is a fading process

Tattoos are simply a collection of ink droplets injected into the skin. They are visible because the ink droplets are too big to pass through the skin and so are locked in place by the body.

Laser Tattoo Removal utilises the unique physics of laser technology to send extremely high powered, ultra short pulses of laser light into the skin. These laser pulses are absorbed by the ink particles and are shattered because of the speed and power levels involved.

These smaller shattered particles are now small enough to pass through the skin and are then removed by the body’s lymphatic system.

Thus the tattoo fades as more and more shattered ink particles are removed from the skin at each Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment.

Quanta Discovery Pico Laser
At Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal we can offer you
  • Complete REMOVAL of your tattoo.
  • FADE it so another great tattoo can take its place.
  • We can REPAIR your tattoo.
It’s all about you and your tattoo!


Making an appointment with Disappear Ink is the beginning of your Laser Tattoo Removal journey. Our Laser Specialists will determine the best approach to achieve the results you want for your tattoo.


Once the treatment plan is agreed, the area to be treated will be prepared using a Zimmer Cryo6 Cold Air Device. This device is used to cool the skin before, during and after laser treatment to minimise pain during treatment. Should you require additional pain relief, we can offer at an additional cost, Topical Dermal Anaesthetic Cream.


The laser is then calibrated for maximum efficacy with minimum discomfort. Laser Tattoo Removal does NOT burn the skin. A focused pulse of laser energy is directed into the upper layer of the skin causing the ink to shatter into micro-particles which are able to pass through the skin naturally, gradually dissolving and fading the tattoo.


Upon completion of the laser tattoo removal treatment, the treated site is cooled further using the Zimmer Cryo6 Cold Air Device and dressed if required. Your clinician will explain the Aftercare procedure fully.