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Tattoo Removal Cream

Big Foot

The Holy Grail


All of these things have one thing in common, the search goes on but no one can ever seem to find them! And Tattoo Removal Cream is one of the most sought after!

Google search data reveals that TATTOO REMOVAL CREAM searches now exceed searches for LASER TATTOO REMOVAL by a very large margin. So the demand from people for a safe, simple method of tattoo removal is certainly out there.

The only problem is that Tattoo Removal Creams do not work. Don’t believe me? Read what the Mayo Clinic in the US has to say on the matter.

Sorry, I know you’ve read it on the internet so it has to be true, right? Yes, I know we all saw the article early in 2015 about the guy that had developed a cream that can remove tattoos cheaply. In case you missed it here it is.

That one article sparked a world-wide flurry of activity and search engines went crazy with people looking for the new miracle ‘tattoo removal cream’. But alas, the promise was far greater than the delivery. Even IF he can develop the cream, it will be years before it sees the light of day.

Who knows, he may yet develop a successful cream that will revolutionise tattoo removal. He’s a smart guy. I hope he does … really I do.

One of the best explanations on why Tattoo Removal Creams do not work was written by our friends at Tatts A Mistake. The article explains neatly and accurately the reasons that creams do not work and that the evidence presented by the tattoo removal cream people does not stack up.

The reality however is that in 2015, the most effective method for tattoo removal is Laser Tattoo Removal using a medical grade Q-switched laser.

If you are still in doubt, ask the Tattoo Removal Cream guys to show you their results. We stand by our results and we are happy to show them to the world. Check out our Gallery and see how Laser Tattoo Removal actually does remove tattoos.

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